10 Reasons I Don’t Bill by the Hour (Usually)

  1. Time expended does not always translate to value received. Most people know this, except, apparently, lawyers.
  2. Charging a client $25 to $50 to read an email does not make me feel good. I’d like less of that.
  3. The attorney/client relationship is improved. If you feel like you’re being nickeled and dimed, resentment sets in.
  4. Value billing provides motivation to increase efficiency, explore new technology, and streamline office procedure.
  5. Clients feel free to communicate with me without worrying about racking up more charges.
  6. I do not enjoy asking clients for more money, just as I am sure they do not enjoy being asked for more money.
  7. I don’t like surprise bills either.
  8. I don’t expect a client to know how many hours a divorce will take. Telling someone your hourly rate tells them nothing.
  9. Almost all service industries are value based. Imagine hiring someone to mow your lawn or clean your house, asking them what it will cost and being told “it depends.”
  10. The risk of dealing with an uncooperative spouse or lazy opposing counsel is no longer the client’s burden alone.

To find out more about our alternative fee arrangements, call 585-210-0329 to set up a no-cost consultation or follow the link to schedule online: https://calendly.com/quattrinilaw


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